No better woman. Furkan is admired and linked by everyone who knows her. She is a national/international treasure and so well known across Dublin that people know her by her first name alone ! 

Mairin Murray

Furkan is very enthusiastic and professional in her manor. She is very passionate about her company Giftoven.ie and goes to great lengths to ensure each customer receives perfection. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she is a pleasure to work with.

Kate O’Moore

I always found Furkan a very knowledgeable and capable engineer who had great time management and problem solving skills. She was always willing to help more junior members and was a great work colleague. Furkan constantly kept in touch with emerging technologies and methodologies and was a real asset to the group. I would highly recommend Furkan.

Raymond McPherson

I have had the pleasure of working with Furkan on a project over the past few months.  I found her energy, enthusiasm and “can do” attitude both refreshing and inspirational.  Furkan was honest in her dealings with me and could be trusted to deliver on her commitments.

Louise Donnelly

Furkan is very dedicated to her work. Good in Knowledge transfer. Keen to learn new domains. Great to work with her. Fun loving.

Chandrabose Thavakkani